Beyerdynamic Professional Microphone Drum Set

  • 1 TG D70D mic (bass drum, dynamic, hypercardiod)
  • 1 ST 99 (bass drum microphone stand), 2 TG D57c (floor drum microphone stand)
  • 2 TG D58c mics (snare, rack toms, condenser, cardioid, clip-on)
  • 2 TG I 53C mics (HI hat, overhead, condenser, cardioid)
  • 1 M Bag Drum (durable soft carrying case)



Beyerdynamic’s TG Drum Set Pro offers high-performance drum microphones from the Touring Gear series. TG Drumsets feature first class sound reproduction, easy mounting, naturally sounding condenser microphones, and compact design. The TG Drum Set Pro includes one TG D70D mic (bass drum, dynamic, hypercardiod), one ST99 stand (bass drum microphone stand), two TG D57C stands (floor drum microphone stands), two TG D58C mics (snare, rack toms, condenser, cardiod, clip-on), and two TG I53C mics (hihat, overhead, condenser, cardioid). Microphone clamps are included, and it’s all packed in a durable soft carrying case with free space for additional microphones and accessories. Since 1924 Beyerdynamic has remained a German family-owned company committed to continuous research and innovative developments for the audio market. All over the world, Beyerdynamic is known for the use of the latest technologies and a high quality standard. All Beyerdynamic products are made in Germany.



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