Boom Setup

  • Ambient Recording QX 5100 Boom Pole
  • Rycote Kit 4 Shotgun Zeppelin
  • SENNHEISER MKH 60 Shotgun Mikrofon
  • Multicore Kablo



1. Ambient Recording QX 5100 Boom Pole

  • Karbon-Fiber Hafif Yapı
  • 5 Ayrı Bölüm
  • Minimum Uzunluk: 1 mt
  • Maksimum Uzunluk: 4.20 mt
  • Ağırlık: 745 gr


The QX 5100 Quickpole Light Boom Pole from Ambient Recording extends to up to 14′ long and is built with five segments to allow for a better collapsed to extended ratio. This enables easy transportation while providing long lengths when needed. The boom is designed from pultrusion carbon fiber tubes with a 1mm thick wall to achieve light-weight with high durability properties. At the tip of the boom is a machined, stainless steel 3/8″ thread with internal soft felt bushings ensuring rattle free operation and no seizing by dirt, humidity, or cold temperatures.

2. Rycote Kit 4 Shotgun Zeppelin

  • Modüler Süspansiyon Sistemi
  • XLR Bağlantı Girişi
  • Uyumluluk: Rode NTG-2, Rode-NTG-3, Audio-Technica AT897

The professional standard

The Modular Windshield System offers various levels of wind protection and maximum shock isolation. Available in complete, comprehensive kits, modular components can also be purchased for retrofitting to accommodate different length or diameter microphones.

There is only one Modular Windshield®
Look for the Rycote logo

Modular Windshield Kits

Modular Windshields are available in complete kit configurations to accommodate specific microphone lengths and diameters. The available configurations enable almost any microphone to be shock-mounted while offering varying degrees of wind protection.



3. SENNHEISER MKH 60 Shotgun Mikrofon

The MKH 60 is a lightweight short gun microphone. It is versatile and easy to handle and its superb lateral sound muting makes it an excellent choice for film and reporting applications. Its high degree of directivity ensures high sound quality for distance applications.

This selection of short and long shotgun microphones are all RF condenser types, including the venerable MKH 416 and the newer MKH 60 and MKH 70 and the , MKH 418-S M-S stereo design. RF condenser microphones are more resistant to damp conditions than conventional electret designs. As a result they are more suitable for use outdoors, as the ubiquity at sporting events of the MKH 416, over several decades, demonstrates.



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