Ambient Recording ATE 208 Emesser Figure-8 Mikrofon

  • Kompakt Tasarım
  • Figür 8 Pickup Pattern
  • 48V Phantom Power



  • Kompakt Tasarım
  • Figür 8 Pickup Pattern
  • 48V Phantom Power


Technical Details
Polar pattern: bidirectional / “figure of eight”
Frequency response +/- 3 dB: 200 – 16.000 Hz
Sensitivity: 12 mV/Pa
Signal to noise ratio CCIR: 66 dB
Signal to noise ratio DIN/IEC: 79 dB Ð A
Equivalent SPL rated at CCIR: 28 dB
Equivalent SPL rated at DIN/IEC: 15 dB Ð A
Max. SPL: 132 dB SPL
Dimensions l x d: 53 mm x 20 mm
Powering: 48 V phantom powered
Weight: 40 g
Mating connector: TA3F
Wiring: pin 1 = ground | pin 2 = audio (+) | pin 3 = audio (-)

The Emesser (ATE208) is a very small “figure-of-eight” microphone intended to convert any boom mike on the fly into a M/ S stereo system. Featuring a high quality real condenser powered on 48V phantom, it delivers an enhanced dynamic range required for critical recordings. The Emesser Set (ATE208Set) comes complete with mounting clip (ATEC-R) and Y-loom (ATEK), which outputs both M and S signals in a standard balanced 5-pin XLR in applied box (ATE-Box). Including all the necessary accessories and allowing continued use of the existing shotgun mike, suspension and windshield it offers a very economic solution for those who don’t want to part with their favored shotgun to go stereo.

Due to the M/S technology and the same mike being used for dialogue and ambience recordings seamless transitions between mono and stereo are feasible without alteration of the sound characteristics. The frequency response therefore was custom-tailored to match the acoustic pattern of typical boom mikes at 90° with the characteristic, distinct bass roll-off.
The result is a distinguished stereo perception with pronounced presence and minimal negative phase correlation at the low end with exceptional good suppression of handling noise.


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